Water Torture "Pillbox" LPs in stock - Preorders all shipped

Water Torture "Pillbox" LPs are finally in stock. All the preorders were shipped out last week in the order in which they were received, thanks for your patience. Wholesale orders and trades are heading out currently so keep an eye out at your usual distros.

Next up is the debut EP from Buffalo's Victim of Circumstance. Blazing hc/grind from members of, you guessed it, Water Torture. Test presses have been approved and the packaging is already in hand so this should be out in a couple weeks.

Facada LPs have shipped from Europe and should be in stock very soon. So much still to come in the next few months from Nerve Altar including the second PSUDOKU LP! A co-release with 625 & Crucificados, this new outing from the mysterious mind behind Parlamentarisk Sodomi, Brutal Blues and BSR eschews the grindcore elements form his sound almost completely. A true prog deep space exploration conjuring the likes of King Crimson, Naked City and Magma.

Also there are copies of the new Haggatha/Moloch Split EP in the distro. Two of the best on one little beastly slab.

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