Victim of Circumstance EP available now

The debut EP from Buffalo's V.O.C. is available now on the bandcamp and the webstore. Not much to say other than these dudes fucking rage. Saw them in Buffalo a couple years ago before Matt joined on bass and was taken by surprise. Inventive guitar riffs and killer drum work and now add that crushing low end that epitomizes the WT sound. Not looking to reinvent the wheel or anything but there's enough creativity and catchy riffs to keep things refreshing. The dudes just get it.

Black and white foldout sleeve with insert, comes on random colored vinyl that looks fantastic. No two are alike!

Promo barf: "The debut EP from Buffalo's grinding maniacs, Victim of Circumstance. Featuring members of Water Torture, this foursome screech and blast their way through 11 short assaults of grinding hardcore."

ALTAR11 - V.O.C. EP Front and back

ALTAR11 - V.O.C. EP Sleeve fold out and insert

ALTAR11 - V.O.C. EP Front and back

ALTAR11 - V.O.C. EP - Assorted vinyl colors

Vinyl here: http://nervealtar.storenvy.com/collections/157886-nerve-altar-releases/products/9452122-victim-of-circumstance-ep

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