Haapoja/Dephosphorus Collaboration LP coming Feb 12

Finally a release date for this long time project between two bands and three labels.

Dephosphorus/Haapoja "Collaboration LP"

So a band from Greece and a band from Finland walk into a bar...okay, not really, but Greece's Astro Grinders Dephosphorus and Finland's rising stars of the Unparalled Sense of Violent Groove have teamed up to release "Collaboration" LP - a nine song, discordantly brutal masterpiece that explores the more tortured, emotional and existential side of the contemporary extreme underground.  But don't worry, it still totally grinds and pummels (and there's even a slow jam for grandma!)

Far more than a mere split, this is a trve kvlt collab: each band exchanged singers on each opening song and guitarists – AND the solo by Haapoja’s Pekka Kivela on Dephosphorus' Shades of Reality, is dedicated to the late Jeff Hanneman.

Dephosphorus hail from Athens, Greece and play a unique musical style known as astrogrind: they endorse a cosmic, mind expanding aesthetic, striving to forge a creative damage path through the underground scene.

With “Collaboration LP,” Dephosphorus return hot on the heels of 2014’s “Ravenous Solemnity” with 5 tracks of their signature hybrid of grind, thrash and underground delights.  Vocals dragged from the corpse of just-dead banshee, a multi-verse of blast-beats and glorious riffs that seize you like a rabid bear hug.

On the other side of the wax we have Finland’s Haapoja, who bring a bit more of a blackened approach to their fierce renditions.  Contributing 4 tracks to the “Collaboration LP”, Haapoja return to form heard on their 2011 and 2013 lps, spitting angular, befowled and almost mathy riffs over nuclear-clock precision beats and raw-throated howls.

Borrowing musical sensibilities from black metal, hardcore, thrash and grindcore, Haapoja expound on themes of existential and cosmic plights – man lost in an unknowable universe with nothing but a few bleak stars to guide him.

Viral Graphics is responsible the stunning artwork, and the wax comes with a lyrics insert printed on gorgeous cardstock, with reverse board/uncoated paper jackets.

Available as a digital download directly from the bands, and on limited 180 gm vinyl from Handshake Inc. 7degrees Records and Nerve Altar!




Gas Chamber West Coast tour with Terveet Kädet

Gas Chamber will be on the West Coast in March with Finland's legendary punks Terveet Kädet.

March 1 - Seattle, WA @Black Lodge
March 2 - Portland, OR @Black Water
March 3 - Sacramento, CA @Casa de Chaos
March 4 - Las Vegas, NV 
March 5 - Santa Ana, CA
March 6 - Los Angeles, CA @Black Castle
March 7 - Oakland, CA @Manic Relapse Fest
March 8 - San Jose, CA @San Jose Rock Shop

Check the band websites for info on venues, etc as they come in:


Now Available: PSUDOKU "Plantetarisk Sudoku"LP + Full Album Stream

Long awaited second LP from Norway's PSUDOKU is now available in the Nerve Altar store along with a full album stream on the bandcamp page.

The second deep space transmission from the crazed mind behind Parlamentarisk Sodomi and Brutal Blues. Pushing deeper into prog and kraut rock territory this is grindcore taking cues from Naked City, Magma and King Crimson. Four long tracks of space grind with guest appearances by Anders Hana (vocals), Inge Breistein (saxophone) and Wei Li (vocals). It was recorded next year in a parallel universe where grind didn't develop from hardcore punk and thrash metal but from 70s prog from the future.

"Light-years beyond our primitive earth notions of what grindcore can and should be." - avantgarde-metal.com

LP available here: http://nervealtar.storenvy.com/products/11645912-psudoku-planetarisk-sudoku-lp

PSUDOKU "Plantarisk Sudoku" LP
Limited to 500 copies
Available now on Nerve Altar
Vinyl co-release with 625 Thrash and Crucificados


January: Psudoku 'Planetarisk Sudoku' & Radiation Blackbody 'Maximum Entropy and the Nearly Black Object'

The new PSUDOKU 'Planatarisk Sudoku' LP will officially be available in the Nerve Altar store NEXT WEEK along with a stream of the entire album on our bandcamp site. Minds will be blown.

Also coming by the end of the month is the new Radiation Blackbody 'Maximum Entropy and the Nearly Black Object' 7" with a download available on our bandcamp as well. Barring any unforseen stumbling blocks, they should have copies of the EP with them for their upcoming shows heading to the Midwest in early February.

Also, Death Church is still the greatest record ever made. Prove me wrong.