Skullshitter "Transmission : Command" LP Out Now

Necrolysergic deathgrind exhumed from the sewers of Brooklyn. Raw and primal blasting through an acid soaked cosmic death trip burrowing into the inner filth of your psyche. This is howling putrid death hearkening back to the days of Repulsion and Autopsy.

ALTAR26 - Skullshitter “Transmission: Command” LP Blue, Gold

ALTAR26 - Skullshitter “Transmission: Command” LP Blue, Gold, Black w/ 18"x26" Poster and Insert

ALTAR26 - Skullshitter “Transmission: Command” LP Insert front & back

Skullshitter “Transmission: Command” LP
Full color heavyweight jacket w/ card stock insert and full color 18”x24” poster
100 Trans Blue

Upcoming live dates for Skullshitter

May 26 - Maryland Deathfest - Baltimore, MD
June 27 - Saint Vitus - Brooklyn, NY w/ Dismemberment, Bleach Eater
July 02  The Acheron - Brooklyn, NY w/ Suppression, Unearthly Trance


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