Writhing Mass "Human Capital" EP Available Now!

Seething death/grind in the vein of ASSUCK and Excruciating Terror. Loathsome punishment and damnation in a gray world of scorched bodies and ash-choked skies. To be alive is to be a lie. Mems of Triac, Defeatist and ASRA.

ALTAR17 - Writhing Mass "Human Capital" EP

ALTAR17 - Writing Mass "Human Capital" EP - Front & Back

BUY VINYL HERE: http://nervealtar.storenvy.com/products/15793653-writhing-mass-human-capital-ep

Writhing Mass - Human Capital EP
Black vinyl, b&w offset sleeve
Limited to 300 copies
Available now on Nerve Altar

Jake Cregger - Drums
Montgomery Hukill - Git,Bass, Vox
Aaron Nichols - Git, Vox

Recorded at Developing Nations Dec 2012
Mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright


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