Triac/Sacridose Split EP Available Now!

Pulverizing grindcore assault from these two enduring DIY stalwarts. Florida’s Sacridose (ex-Cellgraft) rip and shred through blasts of jagged chaos as incendiary frontwoman Jaydee indicts the  the modern slave state with vitriol and contempt. Baltimore’s Triac new streamlined lineup mangles three blistering tracks of filth and fury with screeching feedback defilement and venomous loathing.

ALTAR16 - Triac/Sacridose Split EP

ALTAR16 - Triac/Sacridose Split EP - Random Vinyl Colors 

STREAM/DOWNLOAD HERE: https://nervealtar.bandcamp.com/album/triac-sacridose-split-ep

Triac/Sacridose - Split EP 
Random color vinyl, b&w offset sleeve w/ colored obi strip 
Limited to 500 copies 
Available now on Nerve Altar 


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