Radiation Blackbody "Maximum Entropy and the Nearly Black Object" 7" EP Available Now

Instrumental bass and drum grind prog duo comprising members of Defeatist/Anodyne alienate and demoralize with mathematic intention. Four new compositions likening to a monolithic figure floating in cold dead infinite space that is unable and unwilling to communicate. This release sees the duo expanding their sonic palette in terms of melody and tempo. Caustic mid tempo dirges erupt and ooze like an infected wound to lure the listener before violating them again with unrelenting blastbeat assaults. Masterful execution of repulsive rhythms from the intergalactic gutter.

Available now from Nerve Altar mail order or name your price download from the bandcamp site.

DOWNLOAD HERE: https://nervealtar.bandcamp.com/album/maximum-entropy-and-the-nearly-black-object

BUY HERE: http://nervealtar.storenvy.com/products/11839521-radiation-blackbody-maximum-entropy-and-the-nearly-black-object-ep

Radiation Blackbody "Maximum Entropy and the Nearly Black Object" front cover ALTAR14

ALTAR14 - Front & Back Packaging

ALTAR14 - Three Panel Gatefold Sleeve & Booklet

ALTAR14 - Select Booklet Pages

Track list (track order varies on vinyl)
1. Primitive Archives 03:15
2. Sliced Open From Inside 02:05
3. Shadow Chamber 02:13
4. Defined by Absence 01:12

Drums Joel Stallings
Bass Joshua Scott
Recorded by Stallings August 2014
Drawings: Joshua Scott
Design: Aaron Nichols

Radiation Blackbody "Maximum Entropy and the Nearly Black Object" EP
Black vinyl, b&w sleeves w/8 page chapbook
Limited to 300 copies
Available now on Nerve Altar


RBB Upcoming Live Dates
FEB 19 - Cleveland, OH w/ KEELHAUL & Nyodene D @Now That's Class
FEB 20 - Indianapolis, IN w/ Corpuscide, more @5th Quarter Lounge
FEB 21 - Chicago, IL Two-Piece Fest @ChiTown Futbol
FEB 22 - Buffalo, NY w/ Gas Chamber, Black Iron Prison @Black Dots (matinee show)
MAY 16 - NYC w/Full of Hell, The Body @ABC No Rio (matinee show)

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