Upcoming Nerve Altar Releases

Currently in collusion:

Radiation Blackbody 7" EP - Instrumental bass and drum duo comprised of members of Defeatist/Anodyne alienate and demoralize with mathematic intention. Four new compositions likening to a singular figure floating in cold dead infinite space that is unable and unwilling to communicate. 

Stream their previous declaration:

Healer is a new Buffalo group of former members of Running For Cover, Inerds and They Live. Crushing hardcore/powerviolence that follows in the vein of said bands. Highly skilled musicianship and feral energy tip the scales on these tracks.

Preview a track here:

This is in addition to the previously (albeit vaguely) mentioned amazing new PSUDOKU (Brual Blues, Parlamentarisk Sodomi) full length that will be coming out in conjunction with 625 Thrash and Crucificados and currently at the pressing plant. A peak achievement by all accounts.

Preview of that release here:

Plenty more headaches to come but are still too early to announce. In the meantime, Brutal Blues just started their month long European tour and Gas Chamber is currently in the midst of their short trek down the East Coast of the US. Check the previous blog post for tour dates.

Gas Chamber will have the last remaining copies of the "Modern Vision of the Erect Nightmare" EPs on hand, as it is now SOLD OUT from the Nerve Altar vaults. First time for everything.

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