Updates - Water Torture, Brutal Blues, Facada

Lots of things on the way:

Water Torture

Water Torture LP is currently at the pressing plant, hoping to release in time for their UK tour in August. Cover art and an audio preview imminent...

WT Recording Session

Brutal Blues

Brutal Blues LP is in the middle of production now with Drid Machine finishing up screening the amazing looking packaging in Norway. Hope to have my half of the press very soon.

Brutal Blues cover - Two color ink screened on silver foil paper

In the meantime, youtube clips have been popping up of the crazy live shows from the Euro tour the band just finished a few days ago.  Embedding has been disabled for these vids but check out this link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHgXiK4Es7k


Facada "Nadir"

Also at the pressing plant is the latest full length ripper from Brazil's long standing blast machine, Facada. A split release with EveryDayHate and Läjä Records, this 20 track ripper is now streaming on our bandcamp

There is a lot more in the works as well, more info coming as things develop. As usual, you can follow the Nerve Altar facebook page which is updated much more frequently than this blog simply due to ease of use.

Also, Kerry King is 50 today. Kill me.

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