General Numbness

Apologies for the lack of updates but the abundance google accounts and general tunnel vision dominate and confuse my state of being at all times.

Defeatist "Tyranny Of Decay" LPs have been out for a while now with orders shipping promptly. The last Defeatist show was in Brooklyn on December 17 2011. You can see pics along with snappy anonymous comments here:

Gross, right?

Sayyadina review in Decibel this month. Will post a pic this week. Still not sure what it will take to get a review for the D.E.R. record.

D.E.R. has a bunch of shit going on, new recordings, etc. Really the best grind band that no one has heard. Check them out here:

Next up will be a project with the mighty Gas Chamber. More info soon.

Defeatist CDs are super cheap right now at the Nerve Altar store.

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