Bea$ters - Half Mast Video Premiere

Premiere track “Half Mast” from Philly hypertech killing machine, Bea$ters off the new EP “Alienated By Solidarity” due Summer 2019 from Nerve Altar. Pulverizing deathgrind derangment suffocating in rabid foaming vitriol and gnarled convulsive rhythms. “Half Mast” is a vicious counter to American citizens sympathizing with radical right-wing terrorism, either overt or through complacent silence.

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Disrotted "Cryogenics" Now Available!

Disrotted's "Cryogenics" LP is now available from Nerve Altar. Their third full length of slow churning terror. Vile transmissions of obliteration from the vast reaches of the cold void.

For a limited time you can buy "Cryogenics" and their second LP "Divination" together and save.
ALTAR42 - Disrotted "Cryogenics"

BUY/STREAM FROM BANDCAMP: https://nervealtar.bandcamp.com/album/cryogenics
BUY FROM E-STORE: https://nervealtar.storenvy.com/products/27916671-disrotted-cryogenics-lp

Disrotted "Cryogenics" LP
500 Black Vinyl
B&W Heavyweight Jacket w/ Insert
Available now from Nerve Altar
Released in cooperation with Feast of Tentacles
European customers should order from FOT



Intensive Care/Incinerated Split EP Now Available

A collision of disparate worlds in geography and genre. The unlikely pairing of Toronto’s throbbing bass-centric industrial filth dub and the bludgeoning smear of grinding death from Melbourne, Australia. Intensive Care digs a deep pulse of bleak inner space excavation while Incinerated ferociously mangles four tracks of blinding speed, crushing chud riffs and bass drops. They somehow fit in a Shank cover too. Sounds for animals.

in one week, Intensive Care will be in Brooklyn for the Iron Lung "We Know What We Like" fest to celebrate the release of this slab of CHUD. Not to be missed.

ALTAR41 - Intensive Care/Incinerated Split EP

BUY/STREAM FROM BANDCAMP: https://nervealtar.bandcamp.com/album/intensive-care-incinerated-split-ep
BUY FROM E-STORE: https://nervealtar.storenvy.com/products/26533566-intensive-care-incinerated-split-ep

Intensive Care/Incinerated Split EP 

300 Black Vinyl

Full color cover stock jacket with obi
Available now from Nerve Altar


Iron Lung, Protester, Wound Man, Intensive Care, Outskirts
May 10 at Brooklyn Bazaar 12AM
FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1242347769239665/


Fluoride "Disentanglement" LP Now Available

Fluoride's "Disentanglement" LP is now available to buy/stream/download. The debut full length from this grinding powerviolence trio from Philadelphia. Pulsing emotional dirges punctuated by jagged shards of caustic blasts and interludes of disintegrating noise. Deterioration of the senses in a desolate world helplessly slipping through the cracks of the lightless void.

ALTAR39 - Fluoride "Disentanglement" LP - Front & Back

BUY/DOWNLOAD FROM BANDCAMP: https://nervealtar.bandcamp.com/album/disentanglement
BUY FROM E-STORE: https://nervealtar.storenvy.com/products/26177985-fluoride-disentanglement-lp

Fluoride “Disentanglement” LP 

300 Black Vinyl

B&W Heavyweight Jacket w/ Insert
Available now from Nerve Altar
in collaboration with React With Protest  (GER)
European customers should order from RWP


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What We Like

What We Like, Brooklyn May 10-12 2019 Will serve as the de facto record release for the Intensive Care/INCINERATED split EP. #nervealtar


GALL + Tooth Decay ‘Collaboration’ EP Now Available!

The GALL + Tooth Decay “Collaboration” EP 
avail to buy/stream. 
Prmo barf: "Germany's noiseviolence obliterators collaboration with ambient modular synth mysterio and fellow countryman Tooth Decay. A sine wave slaughter of jagged sawtooth destruction obliterating the boundaries of conventional hardcore punk."

ALTAR37 - GALL + Tooth Decay 'Collaboration" EP - Front and Back w/ booklet, Black & White Vinyl

ALTAR37 - GALL + Tooth Decay 'Collaboration" EP - Laser engraved front plate detail

ALTAR37 - GALL + Tooth Decay 'Collaboration" EP - Box set w/ accompanying "Process' Cassette

Also available in a limited box set on Gray Vinyl with accompanying 'Process' cassette. Limited to 10. "Almost 60 minutes of improvised ambient noise and remixes. Using Tooth Decay's synthesizer soundscapes, harsh feedback loops and scrap metal parts smashing into each other."

GALL + Tooth Decay “Collaboration” EP 
200 Black vinyl, 100 White Vinyl  

B&W Heavyweight Folder Jacket, Laser Engraved Outer Jacket, w/ chap booklets
Available now from Nerve Altar 
in collaboration with Heavenly Vault (GER), 
European customers should order from HV 


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New GALL + Tooth Decay Track Premiere Video

Track premiere video for the imminent GALL + Tooth DecayCollaboration EP. Watch in 1080HD.
Germany's GALL noiseviolence purveyors collaborate with ambient synth mysterio Tooth Decay on this EP coming Spring 2019 on Nerve Altar (USA) and Heavenly Vault (GER).