Virginia's pulverizing deathgrind brutes Tomb Warden in a carnal collision with Aussie sludge noise mongers Derailment. A mangled massacre of ruthless riffing and spiteful savagery from two trios on either side of the globe. Tomb Warden returns in full force with three new tracks and an Enemy Soil cover and their fullest sounding production yet. Melbourne's Derailment (Mems Internal Rot/ Incinerated/ ESPMayhem/ Headless Death/ etc) follow suit with two new battering screeds. Not the fastest or even the slowest NA release but definitely the toughest.

Tomb Warden returns to live shows to celebrate on October 16 at the Runaway in Washington DC with Triac, Disease and Deliriant Nerve

ALTAR62 - Tomb Warden / Derailment Split EP 

ALTAR62 - Tomb Warden / Derailment Split EP 

ALTAR62 - Tomb Warden / Derailment Split EP - TW Artwork Detail

ALTAR62 - Tomb Warden / Derailment Split EP - Derailment Artwork Detail

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Tomb Warden/Derailment - Split EP
300 Black Vinyl
Full color folder jackets


Ona Snop S/T EP Now Available!

The new self titled EP by the UK’s Ona Snop is now available to buy/stream! The freaky fast gonzo power violence punishers blazing straight out of Leeds are back to lay waste to your ears and pummel your pride. Eight tracks of profanely punishing fastcore, dizzying tempo changes and ingenious irreverence.

ALTAR61 - Ona Snop S/T EP - Front & Back, Rose & Black Vinyl

BUY/STREAM FROM BANDCAMP: https://nervealtar.bandcamp.com/album/ona-snop
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Ona Snop - S/T EP
200 Pink Vinyl
300 Black Vinyl
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Co-released in cooperation with Coxinha Records, 
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Goat Claw LP Now Available!

 Skullshitter's Goat Claw LP is alive and streaming now!

Spewing sixteen grave-tripping tracks of old-school grindcore steeped in mind-bending psychedelia. Goat Claw is a sonic declaration of intensity, focus, and acrimony, laced with a concentrated dose of Lucifer. SKULLSHITTER’s sound is that of Repulsion, Terrorizer, and Autopsy filtered through an acid-induced, black magic hallucination. Recognizing the true nature of inner freedom through hallucinogenics and rock ‘n’ roll, the power trio delivers a furious, three-headed vocal assault and thrive to make their every performance both in the studio and onstage a new, unapologetically soul-scorching event.

ALTAR59 - Skullshitter "Goat Claw" LP - Front & Back

ALTAR59 - Skullshitter "Goat Claw" LP - Full Packaging w/ Insert and 18x24" Poster

BUY/STREAM FROM BANDCAMP: https://nervealtar.bandcamp.com/album/goat-claw

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Skullshitter "Goat Claw" LP
300 Metallic Gold Vinyl
Full color Heavyweight Jackets, Full Color Insert, Full Color 18x24" Poster


New Lycanthrophy LP / Artwork / Track Preview

It's been twelve years since LYCANTHROPHY released their first album. Now´s the time for the second full length. "On the verge of apocalypse" features 18 brand new tracks in 17 minutes full of devastating mix of extreme hardcore and grind core.

The album was recorded at Shaark Studio, vocals at AB Records. Mix and mastering at Davos. The apocalyptic cover by Giulio / Huere artworks.

The album will be released in the following formats. CD will be released via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions (USA). European version of LP will be released via Psychocontrol, an American version of LP will be released via Nerve Altar and Wise Grinds Records. MC will be released via Psychocontrol and No Time Records (USA). Other worlwide versions later …

Here you can listen to the first two tracks of our upcoming album:


Po skoro 12 letech od debutní desky je tu druhé dlouhohrající album LYCANTHROPHY. „On the verge of apocalypse“ obsahuje 18 zbrusu nových válů na ploše 17 minut, kde uslyšíte devastující mix extrémního hardcore a grind core.

Deska byla nahrána ve studiu Shaark, vokály v AB Records. O mix a mastering se postaral Davos. Apokalyptický obal namaloval Giulio / Huere artworks.

Album vyjde na všech třech fyzických formátech. CD zrealizuje Horror Pain Gore Death Productions (USA), evropskou verzi LP vyvrhne Psychocontrol a o americkou verzi LP se podělí Nerve Altar a Wise Grinds Records. MC vyjde u domácích Psychocontrol a amerických No Time Records. Ostatní celosvětové verze nosičů vyjdou později …

Dvě ukázky z alba můžete slyšet tady:




Ona Snop Track Premiere

 New track premiere for the upcoming EP in May 22 is live!

Preview track “Wake In Fright” from the new self titled EP by the UK’s Ona Snop coming out May 2022 from Nerve Altar (US) and Coxinha Records (EUR). The freaky fast gonzo power violence punishers blazing straight out of Leeds are back to lay waste to your ears and pummel your pride. Eight tracks of profanely punishing fastcore, dizzying tempo changes and ingenious irreverence. #nervealtar #grindinopposition #coxinha #onasnop #grindcore #powerviolence #punk #noise #blastbeats #leeds #vinyl



God’s America/Fed Ash/Beggin For Oxys/Reeking Cross Split LP Now Available!

A gruesome battle to the death between four stalwarts of the North American scene in as many genres, this split LP showcases the vast spectrum of sounds in the current underground scene. God’s America from Las Vegas, Central NY’s Fed Ash, Begging For Oxys from Toronto and whatever sewer Reeking Cross crawled all out from, come together to form a Voltron megalith laying waste to everything in their path. Grinding power violence crushing primitive blasting sludge noise and a whole lotta guest vocalists all on one disgusting slab.

ALTAR58 - Front & Back Jacket

ALTAR58 - Insert Detail

ALTAR58 - Insert Detail

BUY/STREAM ON BANDCAMP: https://nervealtar.bandcamp.com/album/four-way-split

God's America/Fed Ash/Beggin' For Oxys/Reeking Cross - Four Way Split LP
300 Black Vinyl
Heavyweight B&W Jackets, Card Stock Inserts
Co-released in cooperation with Astralands and the bands
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