Stimulant Teaser 2024

Stimulant has been back in the lab cranking on their newest batch to be recorded at Developing Nations with Kevin Bernsten this Summer. In the meantime, an anticipatory a taste of what's to come, recorded raw in their Brooklyn bunker. Stimulant make their return to the stage in almost four years on May 28 on the NYC stop of the Extortion US tour at TV Eye in Ridgewood Queens along with Yacopsae, Skullshitter and Fluoride. Playing for the first time tracks from the Sensory Deprivation LP and they teased some Water Torture in the set as well. #nervealtar #grindinopposition #stimulantnyc #watertorture #grindcore


Radiation Blackbody Live in Brooklyn 3.25.24

Radiation Blackbody, Live in Brooklyn 3.25.24 at Gold Sounds. Tracks: Insect Fear, Future of Total Cancer. iPhone 13 Pro. #nervealtar #grindinopposition #radiationoblackbody #grindcore #prog #progviolence #powerviolence


Durian/Kandarivas Split EP Now Available!

 US/Japan grind collision from Philly stalwarts Durian and Kanda City experimentalists Kandarivas. 10 blazing tracks in as many minutes.
Long time Philly blast freaks have been grinding it out for years establishing connections in the international scene from their days in Chainsaw to the Face, Amputee and Callous. Back and more furious than ever with an updated lineup and five new tracks of blistering rage.
Japanese grinders Kandarivas take inspiration from medical surgeon frontman Tomoki’s ancestral homeland Kanda City. Incorporating traditional Japanese Taiko drums in their experimental grind assault and wearing traditional happi coats on stage to bring awareness of his heritage. Five new ferocious tracks to answer the the charge form their partners on this EP.

Celebrating this new joint venture, Durian tours Japan Spring 2024 with Nevada's God's America and teaming up with Kandarivas on select dates:
April 5 Release Show, Philly - FOTO Club w/ Unhinge, Terroreign +more
May 4 Tokyo - Gold Sounds w/ Kandarivas, Brob +more
May 5 Yokohama - El Puente w/ Kandarivas, Mortify +more
May 6 Tokyo - SOUP w/Corbata, Leech
May 9 Osaka - Hokage w/ COmpleted Exposition +more
May 10 Nagoya - Huck Finn - w/Mortify +more

ALTAR68 - Durian/Kandarivas Split EP - Front & Back

ALTAR68 - Durian/Kandarivas Split EP - Front & Back

ALTAR68 - Durian/Kandarivas Split EP - Jacket Foldout


Durian/Kandarivas Split EP
300 Black Vinyl
Full Color Heavyweight Barn Door Dual Folder Jackets

CD version from Obliteration Records in Japan.


Cognizant “Inexorable Nature of Adversity” LP Now Available!

Cognizant’s long awaited second album finally unleashed! Inexorable Nature of Adversity ratchets up the intensity of dark angular tech grind that slithers and weaves as much as it pummels with savage brutality. Warped high velocity groove in the vein of early 90s East Coast tech forefathers Human Remains and Lethargy with a nod to current dissonant extremity ala Gorguts. Twisted conjurer Mow Skwoz portrays this bleak nightmare universe propelled by drum wizard and blastbeat stalwart Bryan Fajardo (Noisear, PLF, Gridlink), this is elite grindcore of the highest order.

ALTAR64 - Cognizant "Inexorable Nature of Adversity" LP - Front , Back, Insert & Poster
ALTAR64 - Cognizant "Inexorable Nature of Adversity" LP - Front , Back, Insert & Poster

ALTAR64 - Cognizant "Inexorable Nature of Adversity" LP - Jacket Back
ALTAR64 - Cognizant "Inexorable Nature of Adversity" LP - Poster Detail

ALTAR64 - Cognizant "Inexorable Nature of Adversity" LP - Front & Back Jacket

ALTAR64 - Cognizant "Inexorable Nature of Adversity" LP - Poster


"There are no bad tracks, no missteps...there is only pinpoint-accurate tech-grind mastery...easily one of the greatest grind albums of the year." - Last Rites tinyurl.com/mvfkp3mz

"These goons are playing 4D CHESS and the rest of y’all are still playing motherfucking CHECKERS." - Decibel Mag tinyurl.com/2r9xe68v

Cognizant - Inexorable Nature of Adversity LP
400 180g Black Vinyl
Full Color Jackets, B&W Offset Heavyweight Insert, 16x23" Newsprint Poster

Digital sales support should be purchased directly from the band.
Cassette version available from Rescued From Life rflrecords.bandcamp.com/album/inexorable-nature-of-adversity
CD version available from Selfmadegod selfmadegod.com


Cognizant Preorders Avail Now - Dissension Preview Video

‘Dissension’ is the preview track and vid from the new @cognizantdtx LP “Inexorable Nature of Adversity” releasing on Sept 11 2023. Preorders available now at nervealtar.bandcamp.com and in bio. Twisted dark angular technical grindcore of the highest order. CD version from @selfmadegod_records in EU #nervealtar #grindinopposition #cognizant #grindcore


Radiation Blackbody “Dead Seed Planted in Dead Earth” LP available now!

Instrumental Prog Violence veteran duo return with Dead Seed Planted in Dead Earth, a new full length LP of cold and pummeling mathematical blasters extracted from a bleak unrelenting cosmos.  Crossbred dumpster baby birthed from DNA strains of Bastard Noise, DEVO and King Crimson. Members of Defeatist and Anodyne. 

BUY/STREAM AT BANDCAMP: https://nervealtar.bandcamp.com/album/dead-seed-planted-in-dead-earth


Radiation Blackbody - Dead Seed Planted in Dead Earth LP 

300 Black Vinyl 

B&W heavyweight jackets, 16x23” newsprint poster 






Congealed Putrescence “Within the Ceaseless Murk” EP available now!

Congealed Putrescence resurface from the gurgling depths with their latest slab of viscid putridity. Gore soaked grinding death from New Orleans oozes with a dismal discharge of repellent riffing. 

BUY/STREAM AT BANDCAMP: https://nervealtar.bandcamp.com/album/within-the-ceaseless-murk


Congealed Putrescence "Within the Ceaseless Murk" EP 

300 Black Vinyl 

Glued pocket jacket, Insert, Folded obi 





Available on cassette from Caligari Records